How to Write a Journal Article in Less than 10 Days

How to write a journal article quickly

Many research scholars and teaching faculty find it very overwhelming to write a journal article. Particularly if you are at the beginning stage of your research career, it seems like an impossible task to write a journal article in a short time. However, there are certain tips one can follow to reduce the time spent on writing the first draft substantially. In this article, you will learn some useful tips and tools that can help you write a journal article quickly.

Tips to write journal articles in less time

1. Write as per your mind.

Many will try to write in the most sophisticated way while they are preparing the journal article. However, the trick is that one should not worry much about the style while preparing the first draft. What ever thoughts you have, what ever you feel is appropriate, just write it down. You can resize things later.

2. What to write

Give a thought about your paper. Frame a structure for your article. Probably in the form of questions and answers or may be in the form of small subheadings. Create a schema for your article. Writing the relevant things as per schema is much easier than without schema. The thought process to write with schema, increases the writing speed considerably.

3. Keep reading, and write your readings in between

When you are writing a journal article, you will have to read a lot of new articles. While reading them, you may find some information that will probably be very relevant to forming a discussion or filling in details in another section. In such situations, just write the things in such sections and store the article in your archive.

4. Citations and References

Never think that you can do the citations and references later. Do those tasks while you are writing the journal. Use a tool for simplifying such tasks. It would be easier to do it at the beginning than at the end.

5. Tables and figures

Before writing anything, under your schema, place the relevant figures and tables that you want to use in the journal. Then discuss those figures and tables. It will definitely add some bulk to your article.

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